S. is a 10-year-old girl who has been in Lola’s residential program since January. S. is deaf, and is starting to understand sign language and at the church school when the children sing about different animals she signs about them. She loves playing on the slide and swinging with her friends. She likes drawing and coloring.

She does everything independently and due to her age is really struggling at times to adjust to the boundaries that need to be set for her at Lola. She has visited one of the hospitals to assess her level of deafness, and this will be followed up with a visit to a specialist in Addis and possible hearing aid trial if she is deemed appropriate. It was also been difficult to find and appropriate school for her but this has been accomplished and she is now attending a school each afternoon that teaches sign language.

For more information on how to sponsor S. or another Lola child, please visit our website or contact Jen at sponsorship@lolachildrensfund.org. Sponsorship in our residential program is $35 a month.

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