S. is a seven-year-old girl who has been in Lola’s  residential program for two years. She is attending her grade one course in one of the nearby private schools. She is enjoying the challenges in grade one and she is working hard on her English and Mathematics course. She also gets after school support from the Lola kindergarden teacher and social worker.

S. is very kind and caring to all the children. She is the peacemaker among the children and she is there to help the little ones. She likes to wear skirts, dresses and tights. She is a very affectionate child and loves to give hugs and kisses when she comes back from her school. She spends most of her time helping others. She assists them with bathing and doing their hair. She also likes to help the younger ones with their education. She now spends every Sunday with her mother and brother and sisters which she loves doing. She organizes different kind of games and she is an active participant of the activities.

For more information on how to sponsor S. or another Lola child, please visit our website or contact Jen at sponsorship@lolachildrensfund.org. Sponsorship in our residential program is $35 a month.

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