Emergency appeal


The children in this picture are from a government school in Mekelle. As you may know, the famine across Ethiopia is very bad at the moment, and Tigray has been especially hard hit. We are raising money to enroll the schoolchildren in our outreach program for the summer, so they have food to eat.
There are 34 kids in the school and it costs $500 a month to feed them over the summer. We are looking for donors to contribute to help feed these kids over the summer and potentially longer depending on the situation. $15 will feed a child for a month, $50 will feed three kids, or $500 will feed 34.

To spur giving for this important emergency appeal, a donor has come forward to match dollar for dollar every new donor who contributes to this important cause over the next five days. If you’ve supported Lola in the past, please donate again and then forward this on to your circle. Under this match challenge, a new donor’s $5 gift will become $10, a $100 gift will become $200, and so on. The more money we raise, the longer we can provide the kids with the food they so desperately need.

While we understand that these children are not living at Lola or participating in our programs, we feel it is important to support the children in the Mekelle community who need our help. Please contribute if you can: just donate on our PayPal page and make a note that it’s for our emergency appeal. We thank you so much for your generosity.

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