Christmas presents for Lola

H 1.jpgAbebe has let us know that there are specific needs at Lola Children’s Home, and we thought people might like to help for Christmas!

He has requested:

  • Bed covers for the children. Each one is $30, and we need $22, so $660 total.
  • Bookshelves, totaling $300.
  • Local language books, totaling $240.
  • TV and DVD player, totaling $500.
  • Four bikes at $100 apiece, totaling $400.
  • Table tennis set for $500.
  • Foosball game for $430.

These prices may seem high, but all these products must be purchased in Ethiopia, where inflation is high and items are expensive.

If you donate to these items, we can send you a card detailing your kind gift to Lola. When you contribute, please make a note of where you would like the money to go. The children will be informed of your gift, and they will have a very merry Christmas! Thank you so much!


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