Send a holiday card to Lola

Dear friends,
Would you like the opportunity to introduce yourself and your family to the children at Lola?  We would love to be able to show the children all of the people who love and care for them across the globe! And so, we are having a holiday fundraiser/holiday card extravaganza. For $10, you can send a holiday card to Lola, and you will get a card from us (not the kids) thanking you for your donation.
We would like to invite each of you to write one letter addressed to all the children at Lola, the way that you would send a traditional holiday card.  If you would like, you may include pictures and a letter, or just one or the other. Or perhaps you would just like to scan the Christmas cards that you already have.  Feel free to share about your family, hobbies, favorite color, favorite food–you get the idea!
Please email the cards/pictures/letters to Allie Haley by December 23rd.  Her e-mail is:
Please donate $10 through PayPal at our homepage:
Allie will then send these cards to Abebe on Christmas Eve so that he can share them with the children on Christmas morning. It will be a wonderful gift that will show the kids how many people love them across the world, and will allow you to show your support!

Happy Holidays!


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