A. is a six-year-old girl who was admitted to Lola’s residential program in January with her sister. A. is a happy girl. At the beginning she was upset to be separated from her aunt, but she adjusts herself with the environment slowly.

She is the only girl at Lola’s kindergarten and she does every activity with the boys. She loves to appreciate things. A. loves playing on the slide and swings with her friends. She likes coloring and craft activities.

Since her admission, she has blossomed into a bubbly happy child. She has a short hair but she loves having her hair done by the caregivers every day in various styles. She is practicing her English and in Tigrigna Alphabet very well with her kindergarten teacher. Prior to admission there was little opportunity for her regarding any formal schooling. Now she is really learning and may commence primary school next year.

For more information on how to sponsor A. or another Lola child, please visit our website or contact Jen at sponsorship@lolachildrensfund.org. Sponsorship in our residential program is $35 a month.

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