D. is a five-year-old boy who has been in our day care program for one year. He is attending preschool at the Lola compound. He doesn’t actively participate much in the class room but loves to listen and he is working hard on his Tigrigna and English letters. 

D. is very quiet and very sweet and amicable.   He plays well with the other boys.  He likes to give hugs and has a beautiful smile.  During a field trip D. discovered that he loves eating ice cream. He likes to use scissors and glue for his art and craft session. He play football well and loves running around.  He loves to dance to traditional music.  

For more information on how to sponsor D. or another Lola child, please visit our website or contact Jen at sponsorship@lolachildrensfund.org. Sponsorship in our day care program is $30 a month.

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