E. is a 10-year-old girl who has been in our day care program for two years. She attends grade four in one of the private schools known as Mekelle Seventh Day Adventist School. The school is within walking distance of the Lola compound. Her English has improved a lot. She works well on Mathematics and Tigrigna. She has improved a lot in her education since last year. She is working hard to achieve more.

E. likes to be in charge of many activities. She is born to be a leader and she is very helpful in organizing different games and activities.

E. loves art. She is always asking for paper to draw and write words on. She is quick to learn games and can remember them. She received a new doll and spent a lot of time practicing her braiding skills. She loves to sing, dance and do hand clapping games. She likes to practice braiding on staff hair as well.

For more information on how to sponsor E. or another Lola child, please visit our website or contact Jen at sponsorship@lolachildrensfund.org. Sponsorship in our day care program is $30 a month.

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